Door Chime Model DA4D


(1) Door sensor with two “self contained” alerting melodies

The Model DA4D “Door Chime” is a wireless motion sensor with a built-in RF transmitter, that sends a wireless signal (over 200 feet through floors and walls) to a remote receiver (sounder) or multiple sounders from multiple entries or doors. The receiver(s) provide a selection of two different, volume controlled, pleasant, alerting melodies to audibly detect where your attention is required.

Another exclusive design feature, is the motion sensor “eye”, that looks directly out of the side, providing coverage directly below the entry, instead of others that cover unnecessary, valuable floor space resulting in many aggravating, redundant signals. The door sensor “eye” has a detection range of up to 25 feet and due to our high quality optical fresnel lens, can be modified to cover any desired area of coverage from a single door entry to double doors or even a warehouse roll up freight delivery bay door.


Data Sheet Model DA4D

  • Micro technology provides maximum performance with the smallest minimum size available.
  • Motion sensor (5″ x 1″ x 1″) Receiver (2.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″).
  • 12 vdc output with a selectable timer of 3, 30 or 60 seconds for many plug-in accessories:
  • Customer counters Model DARC
  • Strobe lights Model DALR
  • Extra sounder- receivers for alerting in multiple areas Model DARD
  • Optional third alerting sound, for freight delivery, the Model PA1
  • Patented low battery consumption design.
  • The Model DA4TAC is available with its own AC power supply to eliminate battery replacement for high traffic business locations, for those that have 110v AC available near the entrance.
  • Motion Sensor uses (1) 9v battery (included).
  • Remote receiver alert sounder uses 110v transformer (included).


Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.6 in


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