Door Sensor Model DA3D


(1) Door sensor with two “self contained” alerting melodies

Model DA3D is a motion sensor (body heat in motion) alerting device with a built-in “pleasant” alerting melody with two different selectable alerting melodies.

Another exclusive design feature, is the motion sensor “eye”, that looks directly out of the side, providing coverage directly below the entry, instead of others that cover unnecessary, valuable floor space resulting in many aggravating, redundant signals.

The motion sensor door chime does not require any reflectors or light beams projectors, therefore is immune to false alerts caused by transient light. The door sensor “eye” has a detection range of up to 25 feet and due to our high quality optical fresnel lens, can be modified to cover any desired area of coverage from a single door entry to double doors or even a warehouse roll up freight delivery bay door.


Data Sheet DA3D

  • Micro technology provides maximum performance with the smallest minimum size available.
  • Motion sensor (5″ x 1″ x 1″).
  • Excellent for Loss Prevention programs requiring a deterrent for fitting room losses.
  • The DA3D emits a choice of two (2) different, pleasant electronic sounds:
  •  Exclusive “one time” Ding Dong alerting melody or Chirp Chirp (bird sound).
  • The Model DA3D has a patented battery consumption feature that makes it the longest lasting of any similar type of unit available.
  • The DA3D is wireless and does not require any electrical wiring.
  • Motion Sensor Uses (2) “AA” batteries (included).
  • Installs in seconds with our unique mounting hardware (included).

Additional information

Weight .33 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1.6 in


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