Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

                 The objective of our business is to provide a high quality chime for your entry doors security, at “FACTORY DIRECT PRICES”. This page contains the most frequently asked questions or (FAQ’s) to help assist in answering many features overlooked in our family of wireless door chime products.

Can I use the wireless door bell delivery button outdoors?2018-11-16T05:38:41-08:00

We have a “NEW” wire connector included in our Model DA5T that makes a simple method to install any open circuit weatherproof outdoor button, that can be wired through the door or wall. This feature allows the transmitter to be placed inside out of the weather and tampering.

The unit intermediately sounds with no one around and misses entries randomly2018-11-16T05:38:08-08:00

There are several items that can produce unusual performance, however, the number one item that creates this type of action is the quality of the battery. We recommend “in bold” in the instruction booklet to use only an “alkaline” type battery. The heavy duty industrial type of battery usually produces unfavorable performance.

I have a person that is hearing impaired, what good is the sound?2018-11-16T05:37:41-08:00

Simply add the accessory Model DALR to the 12volt output jack on the bottom of the receiver and now you have a flashing red strobe to alert as well as sound for yourself. You can add extra receivers Model DARD to provide additional alerting areas.

I bought a basic system, can I add another door without having to purchase another complete set?2018-11-16T05:37:09-08:00

Yes, this is a feature of the Mr. Chime building block concept. Accessories for the various models of Entry Door Chimes, Loss Prevention , Wandering Alerts are found below the product listings and on the Special Applications pages.

I followed the instructions and I set the codes right, however the receiver does not sound?2018-11-16T05:36:36-08:00

Add one of our weatherproof plug-in speakers Model SPK, to the speaker jack next to the volume control knob and now you can have sound in the store as well as in the cooler room.

My unit fell off the door and broke, what can I do?2018-11-16T05:35:35-08:00

We have a full service repair center, the “ONE YEAR” Warranty does not cover damage from falling or batteries, however when installing the unit please read the installation instructions and clean the area where the adhesive tape is in contact. We recommend that you use the tape to temporary hold the unit in place and use the screws provided or use a good silicon adhesive in conjunction with the tape for a strong, secure installation.

I lost my instruction booklet and I don’t know how to adjust the codes?2018-11-16T05:34:49-08:00

We have now added the coding instructions for the “transmitter” or the sensor over the door, to the inside of the battery compartment. The receiver has the coding information on the back of the unit.


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