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Mr. Chime Inc. has been the leading designer and manufacturer of unique door chimes all across the country for over 30 years. Mr. Chime specializes in wireless door entry chime alert systems, and offers a full range of these easy-to-use alarms for customers in a wide variety of businesses. Entry chime alerts are a common sound when walking into new places, whether it’s the entrance to your favorite store at the mall or a comforting greeting as you walk up to the receptionist at your doctor’s office. They are the sound that kicks off your day as you enter that corner store for your morning coffee and newspaper. Mr. Chime’s entry chime alert systems are wireless and available as both battery-powered or hard-wired solutions. Taking mere seconds to install, once you’ve added a wireless door entry chime alert to your business, it will continue to do its job without any maintenance required.

In addition, Mr. Chime offers chimes with digital counters, which can help to monitor the flow of foot traffic. This can help your business identify the busiest hours to adjust your staffing or can be a helpful tool to keep track of exploratory little toddlers. Whatever your needs are, Mr. Chime can provide a customized solution to meet the needs of your business.

From open and closed entry door chimes, wireless doorbells, and home and business security, Mr. Chime can handle all of your needs – large or small. They have been the most trusted brand for nearly three decades, and they continue to offer products that make your life safer and easier. Check out the full selection of entry chimes online now, or give Mr. Chime a call at 877-MR-CHIME (877) 672-4463 to learn more today.