Wireless Customer Assistance Button


(1) Door sensor and (1) wireless receiver-sounder

Model DA5C is a wireless customer assistance button, that when activated, sends a signal, by the battery operated RF transmitter, over 200′ away to the remote receiver that will emit a volume controlled, pleasant electronic alerting melody. The remote receiver / sounder simply plugs into any available standard electrical outlet that is centrally located to where the alerting melody can be heard by a sales representative, such as for example, near the cash register.

The system is sold with as many push buttons as needed for each cubical within the fitting room and only one remote receiver / sounder is required for the audible alert. There are many outstanding features related to this unique Mr. Chime product and they are listed below, however the basic concept is to provide a simple to install, simple to operate, low maintenance, long life device that provides an outstanding service to your customer.


  • Micro technology provides maximum performance with the smallest minimum size available.
  • • Fitting room pushbutton (2.75″ x 1,5″ x 0.50″) and Receiver (2.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″).
  • The Model DA5C provides the customer assistance in a professional manner, by allowing the customer to find exactly the item they want, in less time with a satisfied pleasant sales experience.
  • Patented low battery consumption design.
  • The customer enters the fitting room to try on the new item. If it does not fit properly, and they need another size to make the purchase, the customer only has to push the small wireless button in the actual cubical. A wireless signal is sent out to the receiver / sounder alerting the sales representative that a customer would appreciate some assistance. The sales representative can find the requested item and at the same time hang the item that does not fit back in the proper location. This keeps the fitting room uncluttered with unwanted items and puts the unwanted item back on the sales floor for the next customer.
  • Mr. Chime has many unique accessories that work as a family with the DA5C, to assist with selling. The Model DARC is a digital customer counter that provides data on valuable floor space usage. This device simply plugs into the receiver / sounder and each customer that enters the fitting room area, the Model DA4T will detect them, provide the deterrent melody and send a wireless signal to the receiver /sounder to record the counting data. Therefore, if a fitting room is not being utilized to justify the cost of the floor space, then it could be converted for additional sale space instead.
  • Remote receiver alert sounder uses 110v transformer (included).
  • Installs in seconds with our unique mounting hardware (included).

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 2 in


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