(1) Speaker module with a power plug

The Model PA1 is an (optional) plug-in alerting device that simply plugs into the 12 volt output feature on the DARD (sounder/receiver), with selectable timer output settings. The Model PA1 comes complete with the required female 12 volt plug for the 12 volt output.

The Model PA1 is ideal for freight delivery notification when combined with the Model DA5T (wireless call button). The Model PA1 simply plugs into the 12v output jack on the Model DARD (sounder/receiver). When activated by the Model DA5T (call button) the PA1 continues to alert until reset or timed out by the selectable output timers.

The Model PA1 is ideal for locations that require alerting for display cases or areas containing “high ticket” items, by simply setting the sensor, monitoring the special area with Data #2, and the receiver /sounder with the desired timer outout, when the area is violated, the Model PA1 will sound for the time desired or until reset. Model PA1 is also ideal for locations that desire a third alerting sound, when plugged into the 12v output jack and the Model DARD (receiver /sounder) Data set to #5 and the Model DA4T (sensor/transmitter) set with #2, the PA1 will alert of a customer entry with a short 3 second third alerting sound.