Hearing Impaired Alert System

(1) Model DARD Receiver / sounder with built-in 12v dc Mini (Red Flashing) Strobe Light

(2) The Model DARDLR is an (optional) 12 vdc flashing red strobe light that is built into our Model DARD Receiver Sounder, that adds an additional level of deterrence for security.

(3) The Model DARDLR receiver-sounder has three (3) selectable timer output settings of 3, 30 or 60 seconds. After the duration of the selected timed output, the Model DARDLR resets and turns off the flashing alert.

The strobe light is 3″ in diameter and has a flash rate of approximately 75 flashes per minute.

• The Model DARDLR is ideal for noisy location alerting, such as pet grooming, machinery and etc
• 12 vdc output with a selectable timer of 3, 30 or 60 seconds with automatic reset.
• The Model DARDLR is ideal for the person that is hearing impaired.