Beverage Cooler Alert


Smaller size with better volume, easier to install being lighter weight can be held with double sticky tape, instead of sheet metal screws. Lighter weight reduces shipping cost. Smaller size reduces space in cooler. More reliable with heaver gauge wire for dependability.

(1) Speaker with 20 feet of speaker wire and special phone jack

The Model SPK is a simple plug-in speaker that includes the proper male plug to fit into the auxiliary speaker jack included in the DARD receiver (sounder).

This optional accessory allows for greater volume for noisy areas and also allows for directional alerting.

SPK is also very popular with convenience stores and liquor stores for alerting inside walk-in coolers and the store. The Model DARD (receiver-sounder) has a selectable switch included, that allows the alerting melody to be activated from both the receiver-sounder and the Model SPK at the same time.


  • Assessory to the Model DARD receiver-sounder
  • SPK is ideal for noisy locations where greater volume is required.
  • Is ideal for wet areas such as beverage coolers, to provide an alerting sound (inside) while stocking products and still provide an alerting sound within the store.
  • Provides 20 feet of cord and the proper male, simple to plug-in, speaker jack plug.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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