Mr. Chime ®, Inc., manufactures a family of “wireless” entry door chime security products, such as entry door chimes for announcing customer entry for office security, also wireless door chimes without batteries, for that permanent office security awareness program.

We provide entry door chimes for “closed door” office, such as a doctor/dentist office or food services, to doors that are always “open”, such as mall entries and “open space” areas, such as warehouse bay doors.

We offer our Model DAX providing the alerting signal at a distance double the original range for every Model DAX added. This feature is excellent for locations that are very large, such as furniture stores, or locations that have structural interference’s. The unique design “exclusively” from Mr. Chime ®, Inc. is a modular door chime family, providing a “mixture” of open door chimes (motion sensors) with closed door chimes (magnetic contact) and wireless door bells (mechanical push buttons) for any application, “direct” from the leading door chime security products manufacturer, MR. CHIME ®, INC.


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