• (1) Motion Sensor-transmitter for additional monitoring The Model DA4T is an "extra" motion sensor-transmitter that is simply added to the Model DA4D system and WARD system for monitoring additional doors, or areas of protection, without having to purchase another complete door chime system. The Model DA4T is simply attached to the second entry and can be programmed to alert with a different audible sound, if desired, to audibly distinguish where your attention is required.
  • (1) Motion Sensor-transmitter for extra windows and doors. DA2T (extra sensor), is a wireless magnetic sensor/ transmitter that sends a signal to a remote receiver. Used for closed door, window or medicine cabinet to assist the professional caregiver or home care relative, that the elderly care patient requires attention. The DA2T sensor activates only when the door is opened and does not activate when the door is closed or left open. Ideal solution for doors, windows or medicine cabinets that are always closed.
  • (1) Extra receiver-sounder with wireless reset. The Model WARD has all the same features found in the basic system with the addition of the wireless reset function. This function is ideal when more than one sounder, ie. upstairs and downstairs, is being used. Instead of going to each location to reset the sounder, simply press the wireless Model WARD push button and each sounder is reset "wirelessly". Requires the addition of our Model DA5T (hand held wireless transmitter button).


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