Mr. Chime Inc. has several innovative products available for special applications that will suit the individual needs of our customers.

  • Freight Delivery Alert Bell
  • Beverage Cooler Alert
  • Hearing Impaired Strobe
  • Accessories for the Special Applications
  • Model DA5C

    Freight Delivery Door Bell

    Model DA5D is a wireless push button and receiver, that performs many control and alerting functions, it simply transmits a wireless signal to a remote receiver over 200' away, that emits a choice of two different volume controlled, pleasant electronic door chime alerting sounds or a timed 12vdc output for additional devices.

    Additional Specifications and Features

    Qty: Price: $80.00

    Wireless Handheld Extra Push Button

    Model DA5T (transmitter) is a wireless extra hand held assistance push button. DA5T is available separately to work in conjunction with any of the Mr. Chime, Inc. alerting products, and can be added as a freight delivery alert with its own distinctively different alerting melody, from the customer entry alert.

    Additional Specifications and Features

    Qty: Price: $30.00


    Beverage Cooler Alert

    The Model SPK is a simple plug-in weatherproof speaker that includes the proper male plug to fit into the auxiliary speaker jack included in the DARD receiver (sounder).

    Additional Features and Specifications

    Qty: Price: $25.00


    Hearing Impaired Alert System

    The Model DALR is an (optional) 12 vdc flashing red strobe light accessory that is simply plugs into the 12 volt output jack on the Model DARD, using the special power cord and proper power plug (included).

    Additional Features and Specifications

    Qty: Price: $25.00


    Door Bell 1

    Waterproof Outdoor Door Bell

    The Model DA5T is not weatherproof, however the “new” unique feature of asimple (O/C) plug in jack (included) allows the addition of our "Optional" Model DB1 or any O/C weatherproof outdoor push button, available at any hardware store, to be installed on the outside. Attach the two wires provided with the “new” O/C plug-in jack, to the outdoor push button, making the system available for installations in wet areas.

    Note: The Model DA5T is not included and is only pictured for reference to show how the O/C plug and wire (included) simply attaches to the DB1, making the wireless door bell weatherproof.

    Model DA5T Additional Features and Specifications

    Qty: Price: $3.00

    Model Dard

    Extra Wireless Sounder Receiver

    The Model DARD is an "extra" receiver-sounder that is simply added to the Model DA4D system, for alerting notification in additional areas, without having to purchase another complete system. The Model DARD is simply plugged into the second desired location, for example: in the office area and also in the warehouse, when activated will alert to audibly distinguish where your attention is required, with a pleasant, volume controlled melody.

    Note: The Model DARD is an "Optional Extra Sounder-Receiver", for alerting in multiple areas. Therefore, it will required our Model DA4D to function.

    Model DARD Additional Features and Specifications

    Qty: Price: $50.00


    Speaker module with a power plug

    The Model PA1 is an (optional) plug-in alerting device that simply plugs into the 12 volt output feature on the DARD (sounder/receiver), with selectable timer output settings. The Model PA1 comes complete with the required female 12 volt plug for the 12 volt output.

    Additional Features and Specifications

    Qty: Price: $20.00