We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and direct distribution of innovative security products for your retail loss prevention or asset protection programs. If there is a special requirement, because we are the "manufacturer" and not just a "distributor", we can help in providing answers to questions and in finding the right solution for special problems. This is available on-line, along with full tech support on asset protection products, installation and maintenance, working "together" on loss prevention helps take another "bite" out of the crime of shoplifting.

We have our own competent Research and Development department, which designs and introduces new innovative products to meet the demands of the consumer. To continue providing our customers with the latest technology, we are always strengthening our R&D projects and sincerely solicit your support and patronage to continue our reputation and to expand our marketplaces world wide.

Fitting Room Alerts

Model DA4D

Model DA4D "Door Chime" is a wireless motion sensor with a built-in RF transmitter, that sends a wireless signal (over 200 feet through floors and walls) to a remote receiver (sounder) or multiple sounders from multiple entries or doors.

Additional Features and Specifications

Qty: Price: $85.00

Model DA3D

Model DA3D (1) Door Sensor with two "self contained" alerting melodies. Model DA3D is a motion sensor (body heat motion) alerting device with a built-in "pleasant" alerting melody with two different selectable alerting melodies.

Additional Features and Specifications

Qty: Price: $40.00

Wireless Customer Assistance Buttons

Model DA5c

Model DA5C is a wireless customer assistance button, that when activated, sends a signal, by the battery operated RF transmitter, over 200' away to the remote receiver. The system is sold with as many push buttons as needed for each cubical within the fitting room and only one remote receiver / sounder is required for the audible alert.

Additional Features and Specifications

Qty: Price: $80.00

Model DA5T (transmitter) is a wireless extra hand held assistance push button. DA5T is available separately to work in conjunction with any of the Mr. Chime, Inc. “Patented” family of innovative alerting products, therefore it can be added as a freight delivery alert with its own distinctively different alerting melody, from the customer entry alert.

Additional Features and Specifications

Qty: Price: $30.00

Customer Traffic Counters

The Model DARC is an "optional", 7 digit, electromechanical customer counter that simply plugs into the built-in 12 volt out put jack included on all of our Model DARD receivers. This optional accessory provides customer traffic flow tracking into stores or fitting rooms for planning employee hours and space utilization of fitting rooms.

Additional Features and Specifications

Qty: Price: $40.00